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Dan's "superfollow plus" for the Twitrelief auction now includes a signed copy of the upcoming audiobook My Dear I Wanted to Tell You (Dan's Twitter). However, the item's eBay listing has not been updated yet.
Dan is also involved with another item in the auction - tea at the Ritz with Downton Abbey cast members Hugh Bonneville (Earl of Grantham) and Brendan Coyle (Bates). From the item's eBay listing (via Dan's Twitter):

"No. You're not daydreaming. You and a friend are going to go to the Ritz to take posh gorgeous grown up classy afternoon tea with Downton Abbey's GORGEOUS Matthew Crawley,  GLAMOROUS Earl of Grantham and ADORABLE Mr Bates.  These characters are occasionally known by their other names of Dishy Dan Stevens, Handsome Hugh Bonneville and Brilliant Brendan Coyle. 

This is the sort of SENSATIONAL gift that you could give to your mum/wife/granny and make her happy for the rest of her days.  It will be the afternoon tea to end all afternoon teas.  Think about it.. The Ritz... The Three most Fabulous Actors of All Time... The Rest of the Tearoom looking at her with loathing and jealousy as she and her friend are regaled with private stories about filming, bowing, and wearing plus fours.  This is truly Thrilling Beyond Belief.  This is one of our greatest lots.*

SO BID NOW!!! You'll get to take tea with 3 of the most charming men in the land, Comic Relief will spend ALL the money you bid on life-changing projects, and the sun will shine.  (That last bit about the sun might not be true).

*Travel and accommodation not included."


Lucky Monkey Pictures has a picture of Dan and Krysten Ritter from the set of Vamps (via Dan's Twitter).


Dan, Harriet Walter and Dominic West will read poetry by the likes of Shelley and Byron for the National Theatre platform Beyond Frankenstein: Josephine Hart presents Romantic Poetry (Olivier Theatre, Friday 15 April, 6pm).

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