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Feature films The Ticket, Colossal, Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer, and Beauty and the Beast are released in 2017. Dan has most recently been shooting TV series Legion and feature film The Man Who Invented Christmas, and  is currently filming Apostle in UK.




The Heroes' Welcome by Louisa Young - no spoilers!

No spoilers, but I just wanted to say that Dan's reading of this wonderful book is simply amazing! I may have experienced most emotions in listening to a very wide variety of audiobooks, but Dan's performance and Louisa's writing are so powerful that I have to admit - I wept buckets......this is an outstanding sequel to "My Dear I Wanted To Tell You". So moving, so tender, so enlightening and original it its handling of a time that most of us have no real understanding of.

Heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Dan & Louisa.

Not long now until....

....Dan's latest audiobook will be released. 22nd May. "The Heroes' Welcome", the long awaited for sequel to "My Dear I Wanted To Tell You" by Louisa Young.

It will be good to hear him seems like ages since we last saw or heard anything, although with two more audiobooks and four more films due for release later this year, there is much to look forward to. Thank goodness!

It is yet another really good story....

...and so beautifully read by Dan.

I have read that Louisa Young will be on BBC Radio 4 "Woman's Hour" on June 2nd to discuss the book.

Oh good! Tomorrow is nearly here...

...and "The Heroes' Welcome" will be available. Amazon are dispatching pre-ordered CDs today, and presumably downloads will also become available!


Apparently the Amazon UK release of the CD version has been delayed until early June (no explanation from Amazon) but it can be downloaded from iTunes. Thank heavens!

Somehow missed this at the time - Summer In February interview

In case anyone else missed it, here is another interview with Dan, Dominic Cooper, Jonathan Smith, and other cast members, about Summer In February.
Well worth watching!

Corinthia Artist in Residence 2014 award winners

"Zawe Ashton and David Petch, the joint winners of the Corinthia Artist in Residence 2014, have completed their month long stay at the hotel during which time they wrote and directed two short films, with a budget of £15K each. The films will be screened at a private ceremony at Corinthia Hotel London on 12th May 2014, entered into the London Film Festival and screened publicly at the Corinthia Hotel London during the month of October 2014.

Actress Zawe Ashton directs and casts Daisy Lowe
Zawe Ashton’s short, starring Daisy Lowe and Tom Ellis (Vera Drake), sees two returning guests of the hotel develop a relationship during their sleepwalking adventures. The story poses questions about how we connect as human beings and how the digital era we live in demands us to be ‘switched on’ at all times, leaving little time for fantasy and escape.

Noisettes singer takes time out from recording solo album to star in short
David Petch’s film pays homage to sleep and dreams, echoing the way space and time work differently in dreams to our waking life. The story is about a beautiful singer, played by Shingai Shoniwa (The Noisettes), waiting to perform at the hotel. As we are drawn further into her personal life, the boundaries of her perceptions shift, bringing us closer to her more fragile dreamlike view of the world. Ashley Walters (‘Top Boy’) stars as the co-lead.

A stellar panel of judges
The fledgling filmmakers’ treatments were submitted to Corinthia’s national call in December 2013 and shortlisted by a stellar panel of judges that included: Amanda Berry (BAFTA), Steve Davies (APA), Eric Fellner (Working Title), Mike Figgis (Director), David Glasser (The Weinstein Company), Amanda Nevill (BFI), Sarah Sands (Evening Standard), Justine Simons (The Mayor’s Office), Dan Stevens (Actor), Lucy Tuck (FT), Ed Vaizey MP (Minister for Culture) and Zain Verjee (CNN)."

I read that Dan was hoping to attend the screening last night.

Maybe still filming Night At The Museum 3

Not certain who did attend, but Dan is probably still filming NATM3.

Old but still interesting & very relevant

I came across a BookD Podcast today, available free on iTunes "Louisa Young & Dan Stevens present..." about her WW1 novel "My Dear I Wanted To Tell You". Dan recorded the prize winning audiobook edition and there is an extract in this programme.
The book was this year's choice for Cityread, and happily, later this month, the sequel will be available. Even more exciting is the fact that Dan has narrated this as well.

Another chance to see "Sense & Sensibility"

Tonight on Drama Channel 20, in the UK. All 3 episodes starting at 16.00.

Well worth watching again, and a 'must' if you haven't already seen it.

Dan, together with Hattie Morahan, Dominic Cooper, David Morrissey, Charity Wakefield, Janet McTeer, and many more brilliant actors. Made in 2008.

Dan & Shakespeare

45 minutes of a Shakespeare masterclass, with Sir Peter Hall working with a young Dan Stevens and Rebecca Hall, are downloadable as an extra feature with the latest edition of Sir Peter Hall's "Shakespeare's Advice To The Players" by Oberon Books. Dan has also written the Foreword to the book.
I have to say that it is a fascinating experience to hear this, and quite enlightening.

I just wonder whether Dan will return to the Shakespearian stage again at some point in the future. That would truly be a significant and rewarding audience experience.

The Guest UK release

Looks as though it will be early September - so that is very good news!

Latest Junket contribution by Dan

The latest Junket has a fascinating & rather intriguing story by Dan.

Forward to latest ed. of Peter Hall's Shakespeare' Dan

Peter Hall's "Shakespeare's Advice To The Players" latest edition includes a Forward by Dan, + there is a audioclip to download when you purchase the book.

New film Criminal Activities

Dan has been attached to a new film Criminal Activities, due to film in Cleveland with principal photography beginning 1st June.

Still filming Night At The Museum 3

Some tweets from some lucky people watching/involved with the filming of NATM3 have popped up recently - really looking forward to seeing this film, as well as all the other new Dan films of course.

Not long now...

...until the release of Dan's audiobook reading of "The Heroes' Welcome" by Louisa Young. Due May 22nd.

Having just listened again to "My Dear I Wanted To Tell You", (prompted by the Cityread London project) I really am looking forward to this sequel so much. It is such a powerful & beautiful story. Riley Purefoy & Nadine together we hope!

"My Dear I Wanted To Tell You"

If you haven't listened to Dan's audiobooks, may I just take a moment to recommend his reading of Louisa Young's novel, "My Dear I Wanted To Tell You".
The novel has been chosen as one of two books, both set in World War 1, for Cityread London 2014. The other is "Private Peaceful" by Michael Morpurgo. (Interestingly, Dan has also recorded the audiobook version of "War Horse" also by Michael Morpurgo).
Dan's performance in "My Dear...." is brilliant and was a well-deserving winner of the Galaxy Audiobook of the Year.

Hear Dan today!
"Portrait of Winston" by Jonathan Smith on BBC Radio 4 today. Dan plays the part of Graham Sutherland, well worth listening to.

So pleased to have heard this at last

A very good 45 minutes of radio drama....

Congratulations to Authors Cricket Club including Dan!

The book "The Authors XI" has been shortlisted for the Cricket Society & MCC Book Of The Year shortlist

It is a good read, even if you are not seriously into cricket! Highly recommended!

Good luck!

Good luck to the Authors Cricket Club with their book "The Authors XI". The winner of the Cricket Society & MCC Book Of The Year is set to be announced tomorrow evening. Friday May 9th 2014.

It is a fascinating & entertaining book!

Swallows & Amazons?

I just wondered whether anyone had heard any updated news about the new filming of Swallows & Amazons?
I read that it had been rescheduled for Spring/Summer 2014 but it seems to have gone very quiet about it now - I hope that it does go ahead, and with Dan as Capt. Flint, as that will be 'different' again!

Swallows & Amazons

I was just about to enquire on the same subject as I have had some technical difficulties and have been unable to keep up with any news of Dan .

I did hear from a news broadcast that the boat house used in previous Swallows & Amazons was up for sale last year when the filming was due to start so whether that has prolonged the start I don't know .

Like you I do hope to see Dan as Capt Flint , it would be good to have him home in England again , I miss him .

The cost of success

Sorry to bring this up again, but I get so fed up with constantly reading references to other stars that leave successful shows, as doing a 'Dan Stevens', or stating that he quitted halfway through. (The latest being The Good Wife). What rubbish - Dan fulfilled his original contract for the original series of 3 seasons. Seasons 4 & 5 were only commissioned after Downton Abbey proved to be so popular and profitable for the production companies.

Dan did such a good job playing Matthew that inevitably his loss to Downton was significant, but he made a brave choice, stuck to it, and regardless of undeserved criticism has been busy ever since, exploring new avenues and challenges.

It makes me so mad to read the derisory comments, many being blatantly incorrect or unresearched! I realise that I should ignore this stupidity, but it is hard to do so, and I feel extremely sad for Dan.

Personally I am eagerly looking forward to Dan's forthcoming releases, and never cease to be amazed by his ability to tackle so many genres, so well.

Cost of success ??

I fully agree with what you have written.

If Dan Stevens had not played Matthew Crawley as brilliantly as he did, his departure from Downton Abbey would not have generated the backlash that it has. Sadly, I believe that for at least several years to come, Dan Stevens will still have to wear the unfair and ill-informed misguided tag of leaving Downton Abbey in the lurch.

It is wonderful to see the diversity of talent that this young man has to share with audiences around the world whether it be via the various genres of movie-making or on stage or via audio books. This may not have been possible if he remained Matthew Crawley of Downton Abbey.

Cost of Success

I am happy that Dan Stevens is getting the opportunity to show his range as an actor, but disagree that the tag "of leaving Downton Abbey in the lurch" is misguided or unfair as that is what he did. Since Downton only produces 7 or 8 episodes a year, I think Mr. Stevens could have worked on other projects while keeping Downton afloat. His character was extremely important to many storylines. The program is lost without him. I think, too, that he would have many more fans than he does now. I look forward to future projects, but am disappointed in his decision to leave when he did. His departure ruined the series for me.

We all have our own opinions but...

.....reading and agreeing with the original post of 24th March, "Dan fulfilled his original contract for the original series of 3 seasons. Seasons 4 & 5 were only commissioned after Downton Abbey proved to be so popular and profitable for the production companies.", I think that "leaving Downton Abbey in the lurch" is a very inaccurate & misinformed statement.
Dan, like Jessica Brown-Findlay, wished only to remain for their original 3 year contracts. To have taken on very different roles in look and character alongside filming Downton Abbey, even if time had permitted, would have been a very difficult, if not an impossible challenge. Filming Downton lasts from February through to August, and the brief breaks during this period really don't allow too much leeway in taking on other roles in film or theatre.

We all have our own opinions but...

Do you think that if given the choice of Dan Stevens leaving or working with him ((time-wise) so that he could complete other projects, that Julian Fellowes would have opted to lose him? In my opinion, that is highly unlikely. I think he would have moved heaven and earth to keep Matthew Crawley alive until the series ended (which probably would have been after one or two more seasons). After all, the characters would have to start showing their age, and there would have been a big lull between WWI and WWII. I doubt Downton Abbey will continue past a Season 6. In the interim, I believe Dan Stevens' fan base would have continued to grow in leaps and bounds. At this point, I believe his decision alienated a lot of people who still feel let down. Is it reasonable that they feel that way? Did he owe his fans anything more than a good performance? That is debatable. I, personally, think he should have stayed. It wouldn't have hurt his career. In fact, it may have helped it. Millions of people worldwide are devoted to Downton Abbey and the actors who bring it to life. They would have followed him anywhere.

We all have our opinions but....

Having said both Dan Stevens and Julian Fellowes didn't take their fans into consideration, I place the majority of blame on Julian Fellowes. He could have worked a lot harder at coming up with an idea to keep Matthew Crawley alive for the millions of Matthew/Mary fans. Matthew could have wound up in a coma after the accident. A few hospital scenes could have been filmed before Dan Stevens left. He may have returned for the final season. Stranger things have happened. Fellowes is lucky Downton has such a large following. Frankly, he doesn't deserve it after how he mishandled the Matthew/Mary storyline.

I agree

I agree, regardless of Dan's decision, the story line could have been handled a great deal better than it was. All sorts of scenarios could have presented themselves which in effect allowed Dan to leave, without all the heartache, angst, bitterness, and aftershock that did occur.

It is a mark of how strong and convincing a performance Dan and Michelle gave, that their story endures so well today, and that still so much is written about Matthew and Mary. I suspect that theirs will be one of those very special love stories that will be regarded as a 'special' and 'classic', for many years to come.

I miss Matthew very much, and for all the 'pizazz' and rich story lines, I personally feel that Downton has lost its way a bit. The original 3 season story was great, and in the main, well formed and complete, whereas, for me, later episodes have on occasion seemed a bit desperate, with so many pop-up guest appearances and odd plots, to keep the audience on board. I realise that many still enjoy the show, but to be quite honest, even if Dan had wished to stay, I think Downton perhaps should have ended with Season 3. It will be treasured by many, for many years, but may lose some of its 'shine' if it continues for too long.

I Agree...

I couldn't agree more than I would rather have had the series end with the birth of Matthew and Mary's son in Season 3. I have such a sour taste in my mouth regarding Fellowes' decision to write Matthew out of storyline by killing him off. This was the worse possible choice he could have made.

What else should he have

What else should he have done? DS wanted out and didn't want to return even for the odd episode. His character Matthew wasn't the type to have an affair and run off with another. As he was the heir he couldn't be sent off elsewhere never to return. Whilst personally I didn't enjoy his death (and I did realise that was what was going to happen before the CS) and would have preferred he stayed, it wasn't to be.

However, just because an actor wishes to leave a show or not re-up his contract that's no reason why the show should end when the majority of the cast were willing to continue. After all there's not only the other actors but also the large number of film crew who would lose out.

Re: "What else...."

Like others I think that Matthew's demise could have been handled a lot better, and many earlier comments here on this website have offered alternative, plausible story lines - but what is done is done. However, I also think that any special, remarkable, much loved, appreciated tv show risks losing its way and impact by going on for too long.

Again, like others, I would suggest that even if Dan had wanted to commit to another year, two years, 3 years etc, the story of Downton Abbey, as originally envisaged by Julian Fellowes, set out over a 3 season period, felt 'complete' and 'satisfying' up to the point of the birth of the eventual heir.

Finally, with regard to the last paragraph of the above comment - shows will only continue whilst there is money to be made by the tv companies, whilst there are large profits to be gained. Sadly, consideration for actors and crew, and their continuing employment are not the criteria on which these companies base their decisions.

:"What else..."

What else could Fellowes do? He could have written a scenario that would have kept Matthew in the storyline. However, that would have entailed him, actually, putting some real effort into fixing the problem of Dan Stevens leaving instead of taking the easy way (lazy way) out.

Having Matthew die in a car accident was the worst possible choice. Many other things could have been done as has been suggested by many posters here. I would have rather have Matthew in a coma than dead. I'm sure millions of others would have, too. There would always have been a chance he would have come out of it. Perhaps it could have happened in the final season. I think I would even have accepted another actor taking on the role. Matthew was too important to the storyline to drop off completely. I am still angry with Fellowes for his disregard for the millions of fans that have made Downton such a success. Every time he tells a reporter that he had no choice, my blood pressure rises. It is an outright lie. I guess he thinks Downton's audience consists of a bunch of dimwits who can't tell spin from fact.

Downton will continue to add and lose fans. I think a lot of the losses will come after the newcomers will get the shock we all did at the end of Season 3. Frankly, the show doesn't deserve the ratings in is getting now.

The cost of success

I totally agree with you. I think it unfair how the press and just people keep on picking on him for leaving Downton Abbey. It is sad for him to be thus disrespected. As you said, his contract was fulfilled and he had to move on.
I loved him in Downton and miss him, but I fully understand that he wants to show his many talents in playing completely different parts. How would he have been able to show them if he would have stayed ? Now, when we read all the positive reviews to "The Guest", we see that at last he is appreciated as a great actor. Also, I am happy to see him recording so many audio books - what an abundance of talent there.

He is so highly intelligent in his choices that I am confident he is going to have a great future ahead of him and I wish him all possible happiness.

Clip from The Heroes' Welcome read by Dan Stevens

A little taster of good things to come!

Summer In February - film score

Benjamin Wallfisch has been nominated AGAIN for his brilliant score for Summer In February".


Downton Abbey Scripts Series 3

For anyone interested in the Downton Abbey scripts, Amazon have now made this new book available for pre-order.
These books (Series 1 & 2) have provided a fascinating insight into the stories told and the characters, although not all the opinions may be shared by us fans!

Sense & Sensibility on Drama channel Uk

Well worth watching, or rewatching if you were lucky enough to see it before.
Drama Channel 20. UK tv. 7.00 pm Sunday 23rd Feb
Dan with Dominic Cooper and Hattie Morahan - brilliant!

Sense & Sensibility

Part 2 of 3 on UK Drama Channel 20 tonight! It's so good to see Dan, Dominic & Hattie together, and of course the rest of the brilliant cast.

So pleased to see this again

So pleased to see Sense & Sensibility is being repeated on the UK Drama Channel. Part 2 next Sunday!
Dan makes an excellent Edward Ferrars & what a joy to see Hattie & Dominic with him - (all 3 are in Summer In February).

Congratulations Dan, for Audie nomination

Well deserved congratulations for Dan's audiobook reading of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, nominated for this year's Audie award.
Another treat for the ear, later this year, will be Dan's reading of The Heroes' Welcome, the sequel to My Dear I Wanted To Tell You by Louisa Young. (That was a Galaxy Award winner).

Heroes' Welcome

"Heroes' Welcome" is the sequel to the brilliant book "My Dear, I Wanted To Tell You" which was also an award winning audiobook read by Dan. I am thrilled to see that according to Amazon pre-order information, Dan will be reading this is as well. It's due for release in May 2014.
By the way, if anyone is interested, "My Dear I Wanted to Tell You" by Louisa Young has been chosen as the 2014 title for Cityread London.

Heroes' Welcome

Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of news. Already the first book "My dear I wanted to tell you" was so beautifully read by Dan, really heart wrenching. I am so looking forward to the sequel. Dan is exceptionally good with the audio books. His beautiful timbre of his voice, the perfect Oxford English and his brilliant expression render it must to purchase his audio books.

Heroes' Welcome

Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of news. Already the first book "My dear I wanted to tell you" was so beautifully read by Dan, really heart wrenching. I am so looking forward to the sequel. Dan is exceptionally good with the audio books. His beautiful timbre of his voice, the perfect Oxford English and his brilliant expression render it must to purchase his audio books.

A admirer from Germany

New film for Dan - "Struggle To The Light"

Some information is emerging about an exciting new film about Winston Churchill in the 1930s, to be made later this year. The cast looks amazing, and Dan is apparently set to play Randolph Churchill.
I do hope that this is true, if it is it should be brilliant.
The film title is "Struggle To The Light".

Looks interesting!

This looks like it will be an amazing film, just check out the cast!

Summer In February film music award

I am very pleased and excited to see that Ben Wallfisch has been nominated for "Best Original Drama Score" for his "Summer In February" film music.
In my humble opinion, Ben's music made a very special film, from Dan and the magnificent cast & crew of "Summer In February", even more remarkable and memorable.

Dan Stevens


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