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Feature films The Ticket, Colossal, Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer, and Beauty and the Beast are released in 2017. Dan has most recently been shooting TV series Legion and feature film The Man Who Invented Christmas, and  is currently filming Apostle in UK.




Summer In February score award

Listen to the 19 minute audio clip

So pleased that this beautiful film score by Benjamin Wallfisch has been acknowledged!

"The Guest" in the UK

Good news! "The Guest" should be coming to the UK

Filming for Night At the Museum 3 started in London!

Daily Mirror posted photos of the main characters of the new "Night At the Museum 3" movie shooting a night scene in London.

There is a great photo of Dan as Sir Lancelot - he is in full medieval armor, riding a white stallion!

Here is the link:

A few words by Dan & the Summer In February trailer

A little article about Dan reading The Iliad & The Odyssey

From Entertainment Weekly -
Dan Stevens, 31, has lent his voice to audiobooks ranging from Frankenstein to War Horse. We sat in as he recorded two legendary epics, The Iliad and The Odyssey.
Outside in Times Square, the traffic din is unrelenting. But inside Merlin Studios, there's complete silence — save for the crisp, soothing voice of former Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens as he reads from The Odyssey.
It's enthralling to sit with Stevens as he delivers his lines, his mellifluous British cadences bringing the poem alive. Every now and then he says a word wrong or doesn't like how it comes out — that's when he'll pause, ask the producers to stop, and reread. After he finishes a particularly long passage, studio chatter resumes and Stevens exits the sound booth, all smiles. "This is one of the most challenging audiobooks I've done in terms of length and scope," he admits. "But I really enjoy it as an exercise in reading and exploring literature."
Stevens — a Cambridge grad who judged fiction for the 2012 Man Booker Prize — hopes his passion for Homer will change how other people experience the works. "When you read them on your own, they're kind of impenetrable," he says. "But as soon as you hear them aloud, they make sense." That's because "you're seeing that battlefield in your mind as I'm reading it," he explains. "I project what I see of that battlefield and those rivers and whatever seas Odysseus has to sail, but you will create that in your mind, and that's a beautiful thing."

I'm really looking forward to listening to these two books, having never actually managed to read them for myself!

Dan & The Guest

I am thrilled to see so many good responses & comments this morning about Dan's new film "The Guest". Such a contrasting role to those that we have so far seen on the screen.

I hope that it won't be too long before it is available in the UK.

Dan's new audiobooks -The Iliad & The Odyssey can be pre-ordered

These two audiobooks can now be pre-ordered as downloads from Audible.

Listen to Dan reading - extract from The Odyssey

Audiobooks Due for release in Autumn 2014 - such good news!

Funny or Die Video . . . with a "missing" scene from post CS3???

A new Funny or Die video with Michelle Dockery in her "new" TV role as "Detective Connie Tough" on "Tough Justice" - as "announced" by Jon Hamm.

It is a hilarious parody of US prime-time TV crime drama - with Michelle showing she is not Lady Mary anymore . . . it is very funny . . .

And that "victim" with thick blond hair at the end of the video . . . I won't spoil it . . . just click on the link and watch it yourselves!

Michelle is such a great actress - she can really be in such a show, if and when she hangs up her silk gloves in exchange for a police badge to hunt down bad guys!

And if Dan can reprise his drug kingpin role in "A Walk Among the Tombstones," we will surely have a new monster hit on TV!


Dan's new audio book recordings - The Iliad & The Odyssey

Now this is going to be something really special! Brilliant!


Thank you for the great news regarding Dan's newest audiobooks. He is the most amazing performer. I have several of his recordings, and my top favorite is "Murder on the Orient Express."

I am sure any audio-books Dan chooses to do will be great.

Looking forward to The Tomorrow People in UK

Starting on Channel E4 in UK at 9.00pm Wednesday 8th January

Dan is the voice of TIM (the computer). As it always a pleasure to listen to Dan I shall be tuning in to see this new re-make series.

Good news! This new series starts tonight

It will be interesting and very welcome, to hear Dan's voice again, but in yet another role.

I appreciated this acknowledgement

In today's Telegraph there is a short piece about Dan -

I like to think that there is no animosity between them about Matthew's demise.

Dan scheduled to talk on "Summer In February" Jan 9th

Dan is scheduled to talk about "Summer In February", Thursday Jan. 9th 2014, on NBC The Today Show (USA),
This wonderful film is about to be released in the USA. A very beautiful story, brilliantly and sensitively told by a stellar cast, with Dan playing Gilbert Evans. Ben Wallfisch's memorable score is as enchanting and emotional as the film itself.
I hope that the USA will take it to their hearts.

Dan's character Gilbert Evans

Hope they like it in the USA. Just found this website about the real Gilbert Evans who Dan plays. Interesting facts about his life and the story itself with copies of his diary entries which inspired the story.

Thank you

Thank you, this is absolutely fascinating.

I do hope that the film does well in the USA. It certainly deserves to - it is a most beautiful story, wonderfully told.

 Thanks for the news!

 Thanks for the news!

Dan Inspired My Olive Red/Pink Check Teviot 3-pc Tweed Suit

Suffice it to say, there is nothing wrong with life imitating art...! I'm a bit of a Scottish tweed fan with many three-piece Harris tweed suits closely resembling those worn on Downton Abbey, though all with modern lapel styles. (I am, after all, not a character in a period drama!) One fabric has eluded me, until my youngest daughter, Annabelle, pointed out any number of times the olive green, red check teviot three-piece suit worn by Dan's character, Matthew Crowley, on Downton Abbey.

"That's it!" I thought. And, so, the project began, even making a trip to The Button Queen in London for a set of horn buttons for the jacket and waistcoat. As for the Teviot check, I'm going with a sort of burnt orange and dark hot pink.

Perhaps I'll wear it to Highclere Castle in Hampshire this Easter...I've secured tickets for the family!



So much to look forward to but....

....I feel so sad and disappointed to see that various newspapers and members of the media, especially the DM, are still turning out hateful so called 'new' articles about Dan's departure from Downton Abbey. It is old news and seems to carry the whiff of a personal dislike or vendetta against him.
Those who continue to indulge themselves writing this stuff (journalists, bloggers, tweeters etc) do themselves and their readers no favours. Surely it is time to move on? Dan has obviously been working hard at 'stretching his acting roles' this year, and with so many different films coming out this year we shall be able to see and judge for ourselves.
Personally I am looking forward to seeing them all, and hope that he finds some time to do more audiobooks and writing.
Meanwhile, I am hoping that the New Year will bring less unpleasantness, and more kindness. Objective criticism is always welcome, sincere acknowledgement of work well done is welcome, opinions are welcome. Intelligent argument is good, abuse and foul language are not!

Not only a Happy Christmas to Dan but also...

to the Admin of this website. Together with a big thank you for all that you do to keep us informed and up to date with Dan events & news!
Whilst I'm here, can I also wish all my fellow readers here, a Happy Christmas & New Year.


I don't know whether Dan looks here on this website, but just in case he does, may I just wish him and his family a very happy & healthy Christmas & New Year.
I have missed his character of Matthew in Downton this year, BUT "Summer In February" and all of the latest audiobooks have been brilliant, and welcome pleasures. 2014 holds the exciting prospect of many more appearances in various roles. Also, I am looking forward to more writing by Dan.
Thank you Dan, for a wonderful year and here's hoping 2014 will bring you happiness, and plenty of opportunities to delight us all.

MAY I...



Dan is the voice of TIM in the forthcoming UK release -

A new photo of Dan

Dan looking very suave & elegant on the leather sofa -

Two audio dramas that I nearly missed including Dr.Who !

If you enjoy listening to Dan, you may not be aware of two audio dramas that are still available, in which he is a member of the cast.

Alan Bennett's "A Question of Attribution" which is about Sir Anthony Blunt

Also "The Cradle of the Snake" which is a Dr. Who adventure with Peter Davison in the leading role.

In time I hope that some of the other radio dramas and programmes that he been involved with will also become available.

iPlayer or purchase?

Unless I am mistaken, A Question of Attribution and The Cradle of the Snake haven't been repeated on BBC Radio recently.

Nearly all of Dan's radio and audio work is available for purchase; refer to the following links for the productions you've mentioned: click here for A Question of Attribution and here for The Cradle of the Snake.

You are correct... but can still be purchased

iTunes for "Question of Attribution"
"The Cradle of the Snake"CD also available from Amazon.

Many thanks for the information.....much appreciated.

Waiting for Godot

These two photos have been the best since the Toronto Film Festival shots.

Dan at Roald Dahl Splendiferous Afternoon

Good news about "The Fifth Estate"

According to Amazon UK, "The Fifth Estate" will be available on DVD on the 17th February 2014, so that's good news for those of us who have not managed to see it at the cinema.

What a pace! Another film!

According to this report Dan is certainly keeping busy and making the most of his time in the `USA! He's about to take a role in the Tom McCarthy film "The Cobbler"

Dan's reading of "Frankenstein" - a piece of 'theatre'.

Dan's reading of "Frankenstein" is a truly beautiful rendition of this classic story. The feeling that he imparts, in particular to the characters of the 'monster' and of Victor Frankenstein himself are very moving.
Listening to this has not been just a 'book reading' but a remarkable piece of theatre.

Dan to judge 'Artist in Residence Award' Corinthia Hotel

Very interested to see this today!

Corinthia London Artist in Residence 2013-2014
This is the third year of Corinthia London’s Artist in Residence programme, which each year sees an artist from a different discipline (art, theatre, film, fashion, design, literature) chosen by a panel of judges and create work in response to a brief set by Corinthia London.

The Judges 2013-2014
Amanda Berry, CEO of BAFTA
Steve Davies, CEO, Advertising Producers Association (APA)
Eric Fellner, Co-Chairman, Working Title Films
Mike Figgis, Director
Sir John Hegarty, Worldwide Creative Director & Founder, Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH)
Isabella Macpherson, Co-founder, Arts Co
Amanda Nevill, CEO, British Film Institute
Sarah Sands, Editor, Evening Standard
Justine Simons, Head of Culture, The Mayor’s Office
Dan Stevens, Actor
Lucy Tuck, Editor, Financial Times Life & Arts
Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications & Creative Industries
Zain Verjee, Anchor, CNN International


Available to pre-order on both & - Release date October 29th.

This is most excellent news. I have just completed listening to "Murder On The Orient Express" and am halfway through "And Then There Were None". Both of these are very good indeed, really much more than just a book reading!

Another audiobook by Dan - FRANKENSTEIN

It seems that there is another audiobook, according to, due to be released on Oct. 29th 2013 -
FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley. I can't find any UK release information yet, but hopefully some details will appear soon! download

I just checked on It seems to be available only for aduio download through Amazon. I cannot find any CD version of it.

Summer in February

Have just watched the DVD of Summer in February. What a stunning film, so beautifully made and acted by Dan and the rest of the cast. If you haven't seen it you are missing out. Can't wait to see Dan in whatever he does next

If you loved the score from Summer In February then hear this..

If you loved the score from Summer In February which Dan co-produced and of course played Gilbert Evans, then take 18 minutes to listen to this interview with the composer Benjamin Wallfisch. Make sure that you click the Play button as it not immediately obvious.

Long interview with Dan

Here's a link to a long interview with Dan, about his most recent work:

 Thanks for the link!

 Thanks for the link!

What a fascinating & interesting interview

Many thanks for sharing this link.....

What a fascinating & interesting interview! It is always great to hear Dan in discussion, and his amenable and intelligent manner are so welcome.

It will be most intriguing to see what roles he takes up next, I'm hoping that Swallows & Amazons is still 'on the cards', and I personally would love to see him in romantic comedy as he obviously has a great sense of fun and we know that he can do 'romantic' very well indeed! More period drama would be good again eventually, and I fervently hope that he will return to the UK theatre . Serious or fun, futuristic, modern or period, small or big screen, spoken or written word, wherever Dan goes, it will most certainly be interesting!


Received mine today!

Absolutely brilliant......the 'Extras" are so interesting, revealing and clearly express the passion with which this film was made.

Thank you to ALL who made this film possible! Dan, you should be very proud of yourself.....well done indeed!

Summer In February

Mine is due to be delivered today along with Going Solo I can't wait .

Enjoyed listening to "Boy" read so beautifully . Have Agatha Christie's "Murder On the Orient Express " and "Then There Were None " waiting to be listened to!

Couldn't think of any better way to spend an afternoon or evening cuddled up with a glass of wine, chocolates and Dan .

Thank you for the pleasure of your company Dan .
M xx

Re: Summer In February.... Going Solo.....Murder On The...

"Going Solo" is really good....and with an ending that will probably bring a tear to your eye!

I have just started "Murder...." and have to say that Dan's performance of the huge number of characters is phenomenal. I would love to know how he manages to read and switch voices so fluently, without any loss of pace and sense of story. Incredible!

"Then There Were None" is next on the list!

I hope that Dan will find time to do some more audiobooks soon - please!

Roald Dahl Audiobooks

I can really recommend the two Roald Dahl audiobooks read by Dan. "Boy" is quite an 'eye opener' and the tales related in the follow up "Going Solo" are gripping and quite fascinating. I expected to enjoy listening to them as it is always good to hear Dan reading, but they are more interesting than I anticipated. So that is a lesson for me!

I just received my two Agatha

I just received my two Agatha Christie audiobooks in Baltimore and I'm really looking forward to them. Have you heard him perform any of Carlos Ruiz Zafon's novels? Excellent, a little dark, but delicious. I truly believe that there is a novel or 50 behind those blue eyes and won't they be complex and interesting.

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

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