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Feature films The Ticket, Colossal, Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer, and Beauty and the Beast are released in 2017. Dan has most recently been shooting TV series Legion and feature film The Man Who Invented Christmas, and  is currently filming Apostle in UK.




AudioFile Magazine Review of "Murder On the Orient Express"

I am really looking forward to listening to this and the other Agatha Christie audiobook, read by Dan, both of which are available soon.

"Christie's classic and narration by "Downton Abbey" star Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) really make this production stand out. Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is on a train heading from Istanbul to London when the death of the villainous American Mr. Ratchett is discovered. The body has a number of unique stab wounds, and Poirot is asked to investigate. Stevens's characterizations of the large and diverse range of characters, from the quietly spoken Poirot to a princess and a countess, are excellent. His character differentiation through an extensive use of accents and varying tones helps make the story easy to follow. While this classic mystery is well known, Stevens's polished narration introduces some new facets, making this a top-notch listen."

My only slight disappointment is the inevitable reference to Dan's Downton role, as he already is a very accomplished audiobook narrator, but I suppose there are still those who are unaware of his other work.

Murder On The Orient Express &....

The covers for the two new audiobooks "Murder On The Orient Express" & "And Then There Were None" state that they are "Performed by Dan Stevens".

Absolutely the right description, not just a 'reader' at all!

They are now available in the UK.......happy listening!

Good News!

Apparently Amazon UK are shipping these audiobooks earlier than expected! So that is VERY nice to know - many hours of great listening!

Another interesting radio clip - Dan - Summer In February

Dan talks about the brilliant score by Benjamin Wallfisch, for Summer In February.

Re: the News link "Should Downton Abbey have ended...."

Re. the latest News link here, regarding "Should Downton Abbey have ended with Series Three.."

Yes, I think that it probably should have done. I do agree with many of the sentiments expressed in this article. Regardless of Dan and Jessica's decisions not to extend their contracts, the drama had really run its course. The story had come full circle and could have ended on a high, always to be remembered with fondness and in high regard. With the forthcoming story lines, garnered from those that have been advertised or leaked, it could prove to be a downturn for Downton. That would be such a pity!

(From a Downton fan.)

Thank you for that link; it

Thank you for that link; it brought back all of the emotion of the book (I sobbed through it). What a special story and it seems to have been translated into a wonderful movie. I'm in the States and struggling to figure out how to get it. I'm a huge fan of Dan Stevens' (I mean huge) and I'm hoping to get "Summer in February" before my friend from England comes over, so we can watch it together. It didn't stay in Newcastle very long and she missed it. Thanks again!

Re Summer in February DVD

You can pre-order through It will be shipped to your US address.

About Gilbert Evans (Summer In February)

There is a wonderful website about Gilbert Evans (Summer In February).
Of course there are photos and mentions of Dan, and there is much to read about Gilbert's life.
Well worth a look. Both fascinating & interesting.

 Thanks for this.

 Thanks for this.

Audiobook - CD or Download & true theatre

Having recently seen the wonderfully illustrated cover slips for the latest Roald Dahl audiobooks read by Dan, ie. "Boy" & "Going Solo", it reminds me that the pleasure of having such books is enhanced by these little pieces of art, akin to vinyl record covers, so greatly loved by music lovers.
Downloads for iPods and the like are convenient formats, as are Kindle books, but there is nothing quite like the 'real thing'.
By the way, just so you know, these two audiobooks read by Dan are brilliant, and from the extracts I have heard from the two Agatha Christie books, there will be even more to enjoy from Dan soon.
The brief extract from "Murder On The Orient Express" demonstrates Dan's ability to perform and produce an audiobook like a true piece of theatre.

Roald Dahl Day Audiobook offer

There is a special discount offer on the Roald Dahl audiobooks to mark Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September, from Penguin UK

Lady Mary & Matthew Crawley Kindle Book

Today I discovered this, available from Amazon -

The Tomorrow People

I so pleased to see this quote regarding the forthcoming remake of "The Tomorrow People" -

“We wanted a British voice,” executive producer Greg Berlanti said. “That was one thing about the original that we couldn’t change.”

The voice of TIM, happily, will be Dan's!

In case you missed it.. The Time Keeper interview

I came across an old interview that Dan gave about his audiobook "The Time Keeper".

Here it is again in case you missed it as well!

By the way, it is a wonderful story and of course, beautifully told by Dan.


The heads up, I have the audio book, and love Dan's marvelous reading, also War Horse, and I hope to acquire many more as they become available here. Even Love his reading, on YouTube, of "Jack and the Beanstalk"!
from the USA

The two Roald Dahl audiobooks are available now

The two new Roald Dahl audiobooks,(autobiographical) are available now in the UK, so maybe soon in the USA?
The titles are "Boy" & "Going Solo", and, being read by Dan, should be rather special.

GQ Casual....

Like the shirt and sweater casual look! Ok, I know Fifth Estate" is all about serious stuff, but I will see it for a glimpse or two of Dan. Whatever he wears.
from the USA

Just to say I like....

Just to say that I like the latest Home Page header photos.

Thanks for keeping it good & fresh!


I am so pleased that "Summer In February" is still available to view around the UK. There are still cinemas scheduled to screen this beautiful film, right in to next year.
Happily, the UK DVD will be available soon, but hopefully other parts of the world will be able to see it soon as well.

Summer in February

Can anyone shed light on how to order "Summer in February" for viewing on US dvd players? The book was so wonderful; it's truly one that you can't forget. Thanks for your help.

Invest in a very cheap

Invest in a very cheap multi-region / region free DVD player so that you need never be restricted by region codes again! Well worth it!

Re" The Tomorrow People"

Re the announcement about the remake of "The Tomorrow People"
It seems that channel E4 will screen it in the UK next year - I do hope so - Dan will undoubtedly do a superb job as the voice of TIM. It will be absolutely fascinating to see, or rather hear, how he does it.

Great news, thanks :)

Great news, thanks :)

Congratulations to Dan for the GQ award tonight

Congratulations Dan!
Fabulous photos of your attendance & 'win' at the GQ awards tonight.

GQ award

He would be a great James Bond .

Downton on ITV again

After all the time that has passed, and having been repeated several times, Downton Abbey still has the ability to grip interest and heart! Series 2 has just started and what a fine job the cast and crew are doing with it. Dan's military portrayal and the interaction between Matthew & Mary is quite remarkable. I am quite sure that the "station departure" scene will be one of those truly memorable screen moments for many years to come.

Station Departure

Couldnt agree more - one of my favourite scenes in D/A -- a real classic. PG

Mine too!

That scene takes my breath away, for all the unspoken words between Matthew and Mary. And a moment when, Mary comes down the stairs and sees Matthew at the phonograph...the gesture he makes with his arms, when he "invites" her to dance with him. Wordless and beautiful. Forget what passes for "sexy" in films now.

Another brilliant article

Another brilliant and amusing article by Dan in today's Sunday Telegraph Seven magazine! Always a delight to read - thank you Dan!

Moving on

I am well aware that there has been much comment on this site about Dan's departure from Downton and the need for his fans/followers/critics to "move on", something that I agree we really do need to do.
Many have done so, but, it is still frustrating and very irritating when Julian Fellowes and Gareth Neame seem to persist in referring to Dan's decision, implying that he was wrong and/or inconsiderate. The latest article running in the Express is yet another example of this. Lord Fellowes has already openly acknowledged, on many occasions, that Dan gave the duly required notice of his wish not to extend his original 3 year contract. So, please, why cannot the production team move on, just as we the viewers have had to do? Please don't let us have to constantly be left with the impression of 'sour grapes'!
It is not necessary to 'forget' in order to be able to 'move on'. We can treasure our memories of Downton Abbey as it was, and look forward to it, as it will be!

No doubt my comment will invite some heated response on here, as others have already received, but I just felt it still needed to be said.

One simple reasons it's

One simple reasons it's continuing is the press whether it be newspaper, magazines, TV whatever continue to raise it by asking JF and GN about it. In my opinion, for what its worth, this will continue for quite a while yet, certainly until after S4 has aired it other parts of certainly the English speaking world. I disagree that his team has handled it well. I think they were found to be very much wanting, when rumour became fact. His PR never got to grips with it. I'm slightly bemused that he and his team didn't see this coming. By the time of the CS there had over the previous months already been a lot of negative reaction on the web, more so that I can ever recall about an individual leaving a show. In view of the phenomenon that DA has become it came as no surprise to me, just a regular viewer, that unfortunately for him he's received so much negativity. The latter though doesn't excuse viewers being rude and offensive on his twitter page, although he's certainly not the first person to be on the end of virulent comments via Twitter. Viewers are however, entitled to express their disappointment at his leaving.

PR Team were disastrous

The handling of Dan Stevens's exit from Downton Abbey was a monumental PR disaster. Theteam from WME single-handedly wrecked Dan Stevens 's credibility - he is paying the price.

Despite all the accolades and effusive comments flooding his fan sites... the post Downton career is one that is paved with struggle.. .Summer in February has incurred losses in the vicinity of US $7 million and failed to negotiate an US distribution deal in spite of the phenomenal popularity of Matthew Crawley and Downton Abbey in the US, The Heiress just broke even, thanks to Jessica Chastain's Academy Award Nomination and not Dan's performance [ the Box Office figures back this up- prior to the announcement of the Academy Award Nominations it was heading towards a massive loss] and now we have his first post Downton movie role in the film The Fifth Estate which has not been overwhelmed with too many raves from the Critics at TIFF. Dan's role in this movie is so minimal it doesn't rate comment. The Filming of The Guest has been completed and it is not due for release until 2015... a limited release at that because it is an Indy and in a genre that is not overly popular with the general movie-going public. Anyone in the business will tell you that the making of Audio Books is a lucrative time -filler between gigs -it pays the rent and puts food on the table.

What has Dan been left with? -Red carpet appearances and photo-opportunities at A-list events. It could have been different if his PR team had handled the whole scenario of his leaving Downton Abbey with more tact, diplomacy and finesse... and above all, honesty. They duped his many fans and then expected them to understand.

Re comment "PR Team...." Saddened!

It saddens me to read such negative, sweeping statements.

The 'hot potato' that the Downton Departure became, was not handled very well by anyone, but it was always going to be a difficult one. The other criticisms are rather undeserved - Summer In February was made with passion and for the love of the story by a very committed group of people, Dan being just one of them. Time will tell as to the film's financial success, but many films that are/were not immediate box-office hits have gone on to become much loved classics.

There is no need to belittle Dan's projects - not on this site anyway! How about some positivity?

PR Team Saddened

Why is it that any comment that is not laced with marvellous, wonderful, gentleman etc is seen as criticism? I agree with the person who has called reality on Dan's career with regard to Summer in February and the New York Play, we write on here because we are fans, please allow people to express their opinions without accusations of 'belittleing' his projects if a sense of realism is expressed. The writer did not question the passion etc with which the film was made but simply stated the bald facts that it has not been a box office success or found a US distributor - all true. However,in my reading of the post no criticism of Dan was implied and if there was surely he is man enough to recognize the facts even if you are unable to without resorting to 'undeserved criticism' of the post.


Ummmm! I don't really like to see these sort of exchanges. Positive criticism is one thing but the last sentence regarding "recognizing the facts" is rather harsh as we don't actually know these to be facts - it is surely too early to make conclusive judgements about the various successes or failures!

Saddened...PR Disaster...

No-one doubts the love and passion that went into bringing " Summer in February" to the screen. The producer behind the making of this very beautiful film has worked very hard to keep it before the cinema going public in the UK. The Box Office returns are low and to date it is as has been stated namely that it is running - a loss of US $7 million. That is the reality.

Another reality is that despite all the approaches and effort made by the Distributors a US distribution deal was not able to be negotiated. The Heiress was in danger of running at a loss until rescued by Jessica Chastain's Academy Award Nomination. It did not make any profit for its investors at all . They were grateful that they got their money back.

Life in the US as far as family goes has been wonderful for Dan Stevens. He is loving every moment of living in Brooklyn with his young family. He is not exactly at the living in a garret stage yet but is taking it step by step in order that eventually he may make it as a big name Movie Star.

Is he paying the price for leaving such a phenomenally popular TV Series? The US are obsessed with Downton Abbey to the point of being fanatical. Depends on whom you are speaking to! Many firmly believe that Dan Stevens did the right thing in leaving and moving to the US thus distancing himself from anything to do with Downton Abbey because of the effect that type-casting would have on his future career; others firmly believe that Congress should have declared a National Day of Mourning when Matthew Crawley was killed and then withheld Dan Stevens' Visa and Work Permit until he agreed to return to Downton Abbey for Series 4 and 5.-If Michelle Obama had had her way that would have happened.

The PR Team at WME have handled Dan Stevens publicity very poorly indeed. It has been disastrous.

As Dan Stevens himself is very fond of saying ' We will have to wait and see' if he can make it as a big time Movie Star within the time frame he has set for himself.

The first that I have heard...

I don't remember ever reading or hearing that Dan's aim was to "make it as a big time Movie Star". Far from it really! "The chance to do other things", "to be able to write" and success not equating to monetary reward are the quotes and sentiments I remember.

Oh dear!

What else is there to say? You obviously know Dan, his family and professional colleagues well to hold and express such firm opinions.
I am saddened as well!

moving on

Why not stop giving credence to these articles which are many and varied and will be published almost up to and until the new series starts and the role of Matthew has been usurped by another character. It is in the interest of the producers to create some tension and interest for the new series enabled by a press which publish and rehash the demise of Matthew, but surely we can all recognise this for what it is - promotion of the upcoming series. Dan as far as I know has made no new comment regarding his leaving, park your irritation and frustration, he and his team have dealt with it so can we. He has embarked upon new projects and seemingly does not look back.

English translation of the song being recorded in "Hilde"

Warmest thanks to the lady (I guess) ! for translating this song for me. The scene is so beautifully shot too, and just so heartwarming. I am so grateful and many thanks for taking the time. Dan did a great job in this film, and have wanted to ask him on many occasions to translate, but there was never enough time to get to this subject when we met up. Thanks so much again. PG

Summer In February

So pleased to see that this wonderful & memorable film is still being screened at new venues in the UK.

An absolute 'must' to see on the big screen, even though the DVD should be available in a few months time. What is more, the music by Ben Wallfisch is truly special.

Summer In February DVD

According to Amazon UK, DVD release date is now October 14th 2013.

Something nice to look forward to!

The Fifth Estate

Thanks for the 'heads up' about the new posters for "The Fifth Estate".

This should be a fascinating film for subject matter and cast. I am looking forward to the UK release - does anyone know if it is Oct. 18th or is that just in the USA?

Thank you..

Summer in February

Mind if I change the subject? Does anyone know if and when "Summer in February" will be available on DVD to show in the States? I haven't heard that it will be released over here and I'm just as happy watching it at home, while enjoying crab cakes and white wine. Thanks for any help you can give.

Summer in February

According to Jeremey Cowdrey, the DVD is due for release in early October.

...and so, still more comments

Here we are again, being presented with continuous references and stories by the media, about Matthew's departure from Downton Abbey, and blame being laid at Dan's door. (eg. today's Telegraph article).
Even the fact that some of the cast have signed new 2 or 3 year contracts (depending on which report you read) seems to be highly news worthy! The reason - to make sure that no more key figures wish to leave before the writers and producers are ready for them to do so. That is, regardless of whether the actor feels, for whatever reasons, the need to do so.
Let's hope that it will work out well for all concerned, but I feel desperately sorry for Dan, as he happily signed for his original 3 year contract, committing himself totally and conscientiously to what turned out to be a very successful show, He was a major contributor to this success. He gave due notice of his desire to move on and not extend his contract before filming began of S3, and this would have been before he had even seen Series 3 scripts. It was not actually certain that future series would be commissioned at that stage.
The fact that Downton Abbey has become such a huge success has meant that the 'powers that be' are obviously keen to make the very most of this acclaim, extending the originally proposed three season storyline, to a fourth, probably a fifth and possibly even more series.
I want to remember Downton Abbey with fondness and high regard, not that it caused bitterness and bad feeling.

and so still more comments

However, you too are adding to all this hype. Move on, let the media say whatever they want and ignore it. They have not made derogatory remarks just gone over old ground, people may watch the new series or not but Dan has stated his reasons for leaving and they have been widely reported, nothing can alter the status quo so this endless justification of Dan's departure just adds grist to the media mill. Concentrate on his new work. allow him to develop his own persona, he has not asked for and does not need us to fuel this media circus.
Newspapers need to fill space, that is all this is, we have all moved on.

Moving on

Yes, I wish we could all move on, that would be great. Let's hope! Here's to the future! Plenty to look forward to!

..... still more comments

As much as the many thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Dan Stevens' fans wish otherwise, in the annals of memorable and outstanding TV Drama Series ever produced, Dan Stevens will always be remembered as the actor who ruined Christmas Day 2012 for millions of viewers.

Nothing will change that.

Dan Stevens has moved on and kicked off the dust of Downton Abbey Series 1-3 from his feet but his many fans have not made this new part of his journey a part of their own.

Of course, Gareth Neame and co are looking for a scapegoat - they have put a lot of time and energy into the new story line of Series 4, even to the extent of having a "Who's Who" of brief Celebrity appearances to liven it up, and they are dead -scared that the world -wide acceptance of Series 4 without the key figure of Matthew Crawley may not be as effusive and glowing with accolades as the first three series were primarily because of the pivotal story of Matthew and Mary.

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

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