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Feature films The Ticket, Colossal, Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer, and Beauty and the Beast are released in 2017. Dan has most recently been shooting TV series Legion and feature film The Man Who Invented Christmas, and  is currently filming Apostle in UK.




Congratulations for award for the film "Shallow"

Apparently Dan has won the Best Actor Award at the Short Shorts Film Festival for the film "Shallow".

Congratulations Dan! - I hope that it will be available to view somewhere, sometime. There is a brief trailer available for the time being!

So happy and proud for him!

So happy and proud for him!

Dan on Smooth Radio 12.30 June 21st

Talking about his favourite book. 12.30 June 21st Smooth Radio.

RE Dan on Smooth Radio

Sadly there wasn't much to hear or see on the website, just a brief quote lasting a few seconds and a referral to a Paul Anderson interview which may be available to view later!
That's a shame....

Weekend Viewing !

Great to see the lovely Dan Stevens on our t.v screens this weekend ! You can indeed take the man out of England but you can't take England out of the man no matter how you try !

I love to hear Dan speak and although he didn't get much of a chance to speak at length on Graham Norton's show which can be rather manic , his interview with Sophie Raworth this morning was excellent . Like the new look Dan .... have wondered what Hollywood had done to him as recent photographs in the American press didn't appeal to me , but having seen him on t v , I like the new hair style back to his natural colour and think he is looking very well and just the right weight now .

So looking forward to seeing Summer In February .... I am hassling the cinemas in Southampton to show the film as to date it is not on the listings !

M (Southampton).

Portsmouth or IOW any good?

Cinemas in Portsmouth & IOW both listed as showing the film soon. Hope that of some help!

Portsmouth or IOW any good ?

Portsmouth is not too far away ..Thank you ! Just surprised that Southampton or Ocean Village have no listings for the film as yet .

Dan's interview on Andrew Marr show BBC1

An absolutely brilliant interview, discussing Downton Abbey, Summer in February, Swallows & Amazons - such a pleasant, amiable and interesting young man. I think that he could probably 'hold' a full length 'serious programme' himself if the occasion ever arose.


Saturday June 8th Telegraph Review section of the newspaper - full page front cover photo of Dan & more photos & article within. Lots to read and enjoy!

Re: Downton Abbey & Cricket

Well, this is presumably Dan's contribution to the new book Authors XI from the Authors Cricket Club, and I have to say what a gloriously 'fun' piece of writing it is. Witty, humourous, tongue-in-cheek and not afraid to hint at a little self-deprecation. I loved it! (Read twice for best effect!).

What a Splendid Read...

Agree completely with the above, just a marvelous piece of writing....I will read and re-read several times with amusement and admiration. I may never quite grasp the intricacies of that very British game, but then, many don't understand American baseball, either!! KEEP ON WRITING, DAN!

....a Splendid Read

Agree... it was a delightful article and most enjoyable to read... interesting to know what stroke they had to play because it was best for the cameras.

Dan really enjoyed that episode because he has mentioned the Cricket match a couple of times in various interviews.

Another great article/interview with Dan in the Telegraph

Another interesting article/interview about Dan in The Telegraph with 2 nice photos



What a great interview, Dan never disappoints, just being himself, we are assured of candor, intelligence and wit. You can take the man out of England, but you can't take the "English gentleman" out of that man!

Summer In February soundtrack CD available for pre-order

More good news! A soundtrack CD featuring Ben Wallfisch's music & pianist Yuja Wang showing as available for pre-order on Amazon UK.

BBC Radio 4 Front Row tonight featured Summer In February

Well worth listening to if you can. Available on iplayer for a while.

Not the 'blame game' again!

Reading the linked article in today's LA Times about killing off main TV show characters, I find myself saddened, yet again, by the comments that appear to lay blame at Dan's door in regard to the necessity and manner of his death.
Presuming that the article itself is based on actual quotes, taken in context, rather than random snatches of various reported interviews, the inference is that Dan did not provide proper & due notice of his decision not to extend his contract for 1 or 2 more seasons. Both he & Jessica Brown Findlay confirmed their choice before filming of Series 3 began - plenty of time to work around this, although it has been frequently reported that the production team did try to change Dan's mind. Considering that S4, yet alone, S5, was not actually confirmed until late 2012, that would have been another aspect on which to justify his decision to take up various other projects. (Assuming that any justification was necessary!)
It has also been previously reported, and is suggested again in this article, that just one more episode in S4 would have provided the opportunity to kill him off. What would that have achieved? Ok, a happier Christmas for us UK viewers maybe, but instead, the whole heartbreaking business of Matthew's death and its aftermath to cope with in S4. There were so many alternative storylines that could have been introduced by Julian Fellowes to explain Matthew's absence, even without his need to die. (Happy to suggest a few ideas if necessary!)

Dan's Carte Noir readings

In case you haven't yet seen them, there are several of Dan's readings from the Carte Noir series, available to see on YouTube at the moment. Enjoy! They are quite special!

Death Comes to Pemberley

Having seen today's news that Matthew Rhys has been cast as Darcy in the forthcoming BBC drama "Death Comes to Pemberley" I have to admit to being a little disappointed that Dan did not get the role, although we don't really know that he was seeking it anyway, that may just have been media speculation! That is along with Eddie Redmayne and few other names that were bandied about earlier this year.

I have read the book, and actually thought that Dan would have played this 'later Darcy' rather well. However, both "Swallows & Amazons" in which Dan takes the role of Captain Flint, and "Death Comes to Pemberley" are due to be filmed this summer, so practically that would have been difficult if not impossible.

I am sure that Dan will reappear in period drama again in the not too distant future - he does rather suit it well, (Sense & Sensibility springs to mind), but no doubt, whatever comes along next will be well worth waiting for.

Dan and Death comes to Pemberley

I would hazard an educated guess that Dan Stevens did not express any interest in the role of Darcy given to Matthew Rhys as several times since deciding to leave Downton Abbey, Dan Stevens has stated that he wanted a complete break from period drama to explore other genres. He did not want to be type cast as a period drama actor only.

Just paper talk .... and wishful thinking on the part of those who have yet to come to terms with the fact that the blue-eyed, blonde-haired character he portrayed so brilliantly is in the past and not in the forseeable future.

Dan is certainly not only a period actor

I would say that no, Dan is certainly not a"period actor only", his talents and capabilities far exceed those limitations.
However, I am certainly looking forward to seeing him in as many roles, genres, projects as possible.

Dan on Graham Norton Show

Schedule shows June 7th for BBC UK with Dan among the guests,and June 13th for BBC America.

Another thing to look forward to!

Oooh! Thank you for the clips link

Thank you so much for the Femalefirst clips link for the 3 little snippets from the film, Summer In February.

Greatly appreciated!

Could be good if true!

June 7th Graham Norton Show - Dan to appear on it!
Hope this is true!

 Hopefully more news soon!

 Hopefully more news soon! Thanks. 

Michelle Dockery LA Times

Thank you for the link to the LA Times interview by Michelle Dockery. Rather interesting.
These are always gratefully received as I doubt we would be aware of them otherwise.

Twitter Gibes

I thoroughly agree with you - I wrote a while ago similar comments and I was very
rudely put down! - so thank you for saying a sensible comment that some very silly
people should take on board and adhere to! Enough nasty comments, enjoy what
ever Dan does or how he looks - he is an actor who changes his looks for the part
he is playing.


Absolutely no excuse for rudeness or downright ignorant nastiness hidden behind the "anonymous" mask.
Dan Stevens will continue to surprise, delight and amaze us with his talents, and the wider venue the better.
And the things I admire above all else, are his fierce intelligence, and that he is an unfailing gentleman. Would there were more like him!

j from the USA

Twitter gibes - enough now!

I admit that I am not a significant or frequent Twitter user, but occasionally I take a peep to see what Dan, and a few others are doing. However, I have to say that the ongoing gibes and insults referring to Dan, as a result of his decision to leave Downton, are becoming mighty tedious.
Whatever the opinion, there is no need or call for, extreme, melodramatic, rude, aggressive comments. Dan has made his choice, that should be enough for the genuine fans. Appreciate what he did within Downton and cease the wailing and angry outbursts!
I wish him well and look forward to all the new forthcoming projects, in whatever format they take.

Mail on Sunday new interview with Dan

What an absolutely delightful gentleman Dan comes across as.

This interview/article is a joy to read and I love the photos as well.

Now we know that Swallows & Amazons is definitely in the pipeline. So much to look forward to. Thank you Dan, for all the pleasure that you have given us so far, and for what is yet to come.

I think that this article is available to view online as well so maybe our overseas friends and fellow fans will be able to see it there. I hope so, as it is definitely not one to miss!

Thanks for pointing out the

Thanks for pointing out the new interview, I believe it has great photos too. Unfortunately I have a policy of not promoting or sharing links to that publication on any of my websites. Hopefully fans will find it anyway. 

Mail on Sunday new interview

The full interview is on the US Dan Stevens facebook page.

It is an excellent interview and the accompanying photos are good too.

I was pleased to read that Swallows and Amazons is definitely a goer with Dan starring as Uncle Jack aka Captain Flint. It will be a complete contrast to the other two movies he has been involved with since he finished his stint on Broadway in The Heiress. Also this movie will fulfill his wish to appear in a movie that his children can watch.

"The Fifth Estate"

According to Peter Bradshaw, Guardian Film Critic and more, Dan has been recalled to film extra scenes for the Wikileaks film "The Fifth Estate". Also he comments on the interview between Ian Katz, played by Dan, and Jeremy Paxman played by Roger Allum. It certainly sounds like this could be a very interesting film indeed!

More good news for UK listeners

Listen on BBC Radio 4 Extra Sunday 19th May The Obelisk

Duration: 15 minutes
First broadcast: Wednesday 30 November 2011
"The Story of the Siren is the first in our series of short fiction by EM Forster. It is an unsettling story about a sea nymph and an ill fated young Sicilian. The novelist best known for twentieth century classics including A Passage to India, A Room with a View and Maurice was also a prolific writer of short stories. In them he explored many of the themes central to his novels, including the morals of the middle classes in the early twentieth century, and his fascination with culture and mores of the beguiling South. The reader is Dan Stevens.
Abridged by Richard Hamilton. Produced by Elizabeth Allard"

Looking forward to hearing this!

More James Bond by Dan

Dan can be heard reading an extract from James Bond 007 Living Daylights on YouTube -\

A joy to listen to.

Thanks! It is the Radio Broadcast version!

Thank you so much! I have been looking for Dan's radio broadcast work (as listed on this website). I have his CD audiobook of James Bond 007 Reloaded - Casino Royale, and it is amazing.

Dan reads this abridged version of Living Daylights so masterfully. For me, it's nearly 30 minutes of audio bliss.

Sadly, a lot of Dan's radio work

Sadly, a lot of Dan's radio work is not still available via the BBC although recently a few more did become so.

Another programme I would love to hear was the Private Passions edition featuring Dan's favourite pieces of music.

Dracula's Guest

I feel the same way: it would be sad to think that so many of Dan's readings may be lost and left unheard.
On a brighter note, Dan's reading of the short story Dracula's Guest was recently available on BBC radio iplayer and is now available as a video on Youtube.
I look forward to more of his readings becoming available over time!

An old chestnut...any ideas anyone?

Apologies for unearthing this old chestnut, but recently this Julian Fellowes quote has appeared yet again.
“I tried to persuade him to come back just for one episode of the next series so we could give Matthew and Mary a happy ending but he wanted to go off to America and now I believe he has a three-movie deal. He’s doing very well!”

Now, I am just wondering exactly how 'just one episode' could have indeed given Matthew & Mary a happy ending. If Mary was going to remain as part of the main storyline and appear regularly, that would have been difficult to envisage. Further, if 'just one more episode' was all that was needed to accomplish this, then why wasn't that included in the so called Christmas Special? The production team knew from early 2012 that Dan was not going to extend his 3 year contract! That, at least, would perhaps have provided a more acceptable end than the one we got!

I cannot think of any way that this could have worked, but perhaps someone else has?

...any ideas anyone?

What was the actual context of this quote? ... part of a formal interview?...question / answer after the news broke and he was trying to stem the tide of angry fans' reaction to Matthew's death? .. Or just Julian Fellowes being Julian???.

For at least 4 months before the Christmas special was actually screened, the talk was that Dan Stevens would be only appearing in ONE episode of Series 4 - the first episode of Series 4 was never specified... just one episode and most assumed, naturally that it would have been the first. So, possibly Julian Fellowes may have had several possibilities in mind apart from the car accident to explain Matthew Crawley's exit from the series.

We will never know.... just supposition on everyone's part.

His leaving the series could have been done via business contacts - with Matthew eventually having to go to the furtherest parts of the British Empire to check out one of Reggie Swire's Pastoral Investments in either Canada or Australia. This was not uncommon at that time. A number of British Aristocrats had large land holdings in the British Colonies. Reggie had purchased an enormous sheep property in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales and this had only come to light when Mr Charkham was finalising the details of Reggie's investments. Matthew also found himself being the owner of a Tea Plantation in Ceylon. Australia at that time was the world's leading producer of fine wool and exported wheat. At least 6-8 weeks by sea each way to Australia with a stop-over in Ceylon to check out the Tea Plantation .... that would have filled up the storyline with periodic shots of Matthew on the phone talking to Mary and to his Estate Manager at Downton, Tom. about what was happening, contracts being signed... sheep being exported back to Downton to improve the stock...etc... etc.....

Matthew need not have died at all in Series 4 but a letter /telephone call/cable at the beginning of Series 5 could have notified the Crawley family about a serious incident involving Matthew.... a bit like 'Fluffy the cat" story...

We know from the various interviews that the scenes are not shot in sequence but according to availability of actors. It could have been managed with some ingenuity.

Re....any ideas

There was a very recent link to this article/quote, on the News page of this website, but it has appeared and reappeared in quite a few areas recently.

Yes, we will never know......some interesting ideas here though - although I am not sure how successful or convincing they would be. However, I think that one of the points being raised was that the Christmas Special could have been written in an altogether different way. The making of Series 4 and certainly 5 was not a certainty at the point when 2013 filming was being completed.

Anyway - time to move on, I just wish that the press, media, and some of those involved with the production of Downton Abbey would as well.

Re: ....any ideas

I agree that something could have been done to keep Matthew in the storyline while at the same time give Dan Stevens the time he needed to pursue other projects. It think there is more than we know that transpired leading to the horrible decision to end Matthew's life. This was the worst choice possible for the fans of the program. Fellowes is fortunate that Downton is still very popular. Though, I have not doubt as more viewers (in different countries and those that have ordered the CD's to catch up to Season 4 as I did) will be outraged by Matthew's death and make their feelings know to Fellowes and Dan Stevens. It seems neither cared about their fans. Very sad.


Apologies, should read "2012 filming" not "2013 filming"

Yes, Downton should have ended on a high note at Season 3

Downton should have concluded with the very high note of the cricket match. Even the Christmas special felt awkard and forced, lacking the natural charm and flow of the brilliant 1st season.

Thank goodness for DVDs. We can always play our favorite moments and fast forward on those overly sugar-coated, soap opera moments. . .

Regarding Gareth Neame's apparent desire

With regard to Gareth Neame's apparent desire for Downton Abbey to run for perhaps a total of ten series, ie another six years, I would like, as a devoted DA fan, to express my horror at such an idea!
I felt that it had come to a wonderful and satisfactory conclusion with the birth of Matthew & Mary's son. I felt that the final death scene was contrived and so unworthy of the drama series. I know that Dan Stevens and Jessica Brown Findlay had both decided, even before the filming of Series 3 had begun, that they did not wish to extend their original 3 year contracts, and all credit to them for standing firm by their decisions.
It would seem that due to the unexpected international success of DA, that the moneyspinners now wish to capitalise on this, and from a monetary point of view, that is, I suppose, understandable. However, at what cost to the freshness of the storylines, the challenges to the actors involved? Are we going to be presented with an ever changing 'celebrity' cast roundabout? Are we going to see ridiculous dramatic interludes just to keep us captivated? Will Julian Fellowes, who so masterfully wrote the first three series, even want or indeed be able to continue writing DA? Are we expecting the current cast to forgo new and challenging opportunities, just so that they can 'stay on board"? Then, if they do decide that their time has come to leave, are we going to subject them to the awful tirade of abuse and blame, that Dan Stevens has had to endure?
Sorry, from my own point of view, I wanted to remember Downton Abbey as a superb drama series, one that will endure and be held dear by many. A true classic!

Re: Regarding....

This comment reminded me that back in January this year an article was published which now, in the light of Gareth Neame's desires, makes even more interesting and perhaps relevant reading -
I have to say I don't necessarily agree with every point made, nor do we know what Dan really thought.

As has been suggested on this site before, Downton Abbey should have finished with the third series, on a high, regarded with much affection and sure to be remembered as a truly remarkable and successful drama.

Although perhaps a little taken out of context here, I particularly liked this paragraph -
"Stevens is too good an actor to phone it in—or do whatever the equivalent of phoning it in was in the days when telephones were a suspicious new technology sneered at by dowager Countesses—but his performance this season suggests that he must have felt, as he was being filmed, a certain weariness with the character setting in, too. “Downton” has launched Stevens—whose floppy-haired, Oxbridge-burnished like has not been seen since the halcyon, pre-Divine Brown days of Hugh Grant—into another realm of stardom and possibility. And so it’s hard not to watch Stevens and, instead of believing he’s Matthew Crawley, start thinking about all the other people he’s going to get to be now, too."

Regarding Gareth Neame's apparent desire....

To have this brilliant drama series drag on for a total of 10 years is the stuff that nightmares are made of !!! I, for one, hope that Gareth Neame's dream does not come true.

Downton Abbey should have concluded with Series 3, as per the original contracts, with either episode 8 which finished on a high note full of dreams for the future or with the birth of Matthew and Mary's son. Either of these would have been a fitting ending to this brilliant series.

If what is being published to fan the glowing embers of Downton fans into a blazing fire of adoration come September 2013 can be given credence, this brilliant series is fast becoming a "celebrity appearance" saga as the producers frantically try to plug the enormous gap left by the departures of Dan Stevens and Jessica Findlay Brown.

I hope that Series 4 is the last series; I should hate for Downton Abbey to be reduced to a parody of what it once was ,namely, the best TV drama series to have come out of Britain for over 10 years.

Wish It Ended With Three Seasons

I would much rather have had Downton Abbey end with the birth of Matthew and Mary's child and the estate saved due to Matthew's intervention. At least the series would have ended on a happy note.

I am going to watch up to Matthew meeting his baby for the first time at the hospital. That is where Downton will end for me.

Total agreement..

...with what you say. Have just watched the "Christmas special" again and feel that much of it was contrived, not just the death scene.
I cringed in places at some of the words that Matthew had to say (I've seen you naked...etc . Feel like I've swallowed a box of fireworks etc ...I'M dancing a jig etc) so "un Matthew like" compared with the two previous series.

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

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