Downton Abbey: online

For those fans in the US who missed any Downton Abbey episodes as they aired, Masterpiece has them available to watch again online.  

Masterpiece announced that the series will return in 2012


Departure from Downton Abbey

I totally get and understand that you wanted to leave Downton Abbey. I only hate when and how you did it. After almost three whole seasons of Matthew and Mary's struggles, together you finally reach happiness, Lord Grantham is conceding to all your ideas for Downton Abbey and you have a new baby. Couldn't you have shown the fans just a few more episodes of happiness before your demise. It would have been much easier to take if the fans had seen just 2-3 more episodes of happiness after all the turmoil.

From a new viewer of Downton Abbey who was extremely disappointed with your timing.

Dan Stevens


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