Monte Carlo TV awards & London Fashion 2012

Several members of the Downton Abbey cast including Dan have been nominated in the Monte Carlo TV Awards, for their performances in the series. The show has also been nominated.

The 52nd Monte Carlo Television Festival will be take place on June 10-14.

The Hollywood Reporter website has shared an interview with the Downton Abbey producer which is revealing...

Downton Abbey doesn't return for its third season until next year for U.S. television audiences, but executive producer Rebecca Eaton is revealing some big plot points for the British series -- including a major character's death. “Somebody will be born, and somebody will die, somebody pretty key in the cast, unfortunately not going to make it. It’s the 1920s now," Eaton told the Orlando Sentinel. A big death is not a surprise for viewers of Julian Fellowes' Downton Abbey. In the first season, Kemal Pamuk made a splash with his death at Downton Abbey and last season, former footman William passed away after being injured in the war. In the new season, viewers can also expect a wedding. "Matthew and Mary do get married," she revealed.

The London Fashion Week website is reporting that Dan will be part of the Fashion 2012 Menswear Committee. 

London Collections: Men will form part of Fashion 2012, a central platform under which the industry is able to showcase and celebrate British fashion. It will provide a core focus for the industry and a calendar of the major fashion events and activities throughout London’s Olympic year...

...London Collections: Men will take place 15th-17th June 2012 at The Hospital Club

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