My Best Teacher - Dan interview for TES & This Morning

The latest TES magazine has a brilliant article written by Dan, where he discusses his time at Tonbridge School, his mentors and the beginning of his acting career. Read it in full on the TES website

...I'm not sure how much I would have enjoyed my time at Tonbridge School in Kent had it not been for my English master, Jonathan Smith. He was one of those magical teachers who could spot a kid in trouble and know the right thing to say to him. I owe him a tremendous amount.

Not that I was miserable at Tonbridge, but in some ways I did feel out of my element there. For starters, unlike most of the other boys, I was a scholarship pupil - the son of two teachers rather than wealthy parents. And on top of that, while I was pretty good on the academic front, the sporty culture of the school wasn't my bag.

As it happens, I love all sport now. But being told that I must play sport brought out the worst in me. You would either find me behind the proverbial bike shed smoking a cigarette or going off to do a school play. But then, from the word go I had always been the idiot who wanted to get up on stage and perform...

Keep an eye out for Dan appearing on ITV's This Morning with Zoe Boyle tomorrow, around mid-day. Set your recorders!



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