New video interviews promoting Legion and Beauty and the Beast

New video interviews promoting Legion and Beauty and the Beast

With Legion about to be broadcast on FX channel tomorrow night, and Beauty and the Beast released in cinemas next month, lots of promotional interviews with Dan have been shared, including his appearances on Late Night With Seth Meyers and Today.


Interviews, trailers of Legion etc

I adore you Dan! Love everything about you ♡Look forward to 'Beauty and the Beast'. Our t.v. doesn't work so not sure if I will get to see Legion. Any chance you could come to Ireland? Enjoyed watching your interviews.

South Kilkenny, Ireland

So pleased to see...

I am so pleased to see so many interviews, video clips etc with Dan about his forthcoming works - Legion, & Beauty & The Beast. Soon there will be more for The Ticket, Norman, Colossal, Permission, Marshall, Redivider, The Man Who Invented Christmas and filming starts soon on Apostle! Phew.....a pretty amazing amount of work & commitment! Thank you Dan....


So much work and looking skinny again. Take care.

I am still in love with Dan.

I am still in love with Dan. Cannot WAIT till "Beauty and the Beast" comes out. I'm so excited about it.

Looking forward

So much good stuff coming out this year! Films, tv shows, any chance of Dan doing a few interviews in UK? Seen several of his US interviews on you tube, presenters nowhere near as good as Graham Norton! Here's hoping to see him here soon!

Dan Stevens


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