The Ticket: first poster, stills and interview with Dan

The Ticket: first poster, stills and interview with Dan

The first poster for The Ticket has been shared online in advance of the screening at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. In addition, EW has shared a number of film stills and an interview with Dan. Read the full interview on the EW site

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The Ticket is a film about a lucky guy who seems harmless enough at first, but really evolves into someone a little unlikable. How did you get into that mindset of taking a character from one end of the spectrum to the other?

DAN STEVENS: It was very much Ido’s intention to explore something unexpected. It ultimately comes from this question of prayer and faith and what happens when your prayers are answered or not. I think it’s something that James struggles to come to terms with. There’s one way of telling the story, which is, “Everything’s great, he’s got his sight back, how wonderful,” but actually he feels like he gains his sight, but loses a huge part of his identity, and things fall apart in a weird way, and he struggles to rectify that.

It does fall apart, and there are themes in this film about greed and self-gratification, and it all ties into a thread of the visual, and given what a visual culture we are, do you see this film as a being critical of the character himself or the society that prompts his deviance?

I don’t think it’s a tacit critique of modern society, but I think there is something in that he suddenly becomes aware of the material and the visual in a way that he hadn’t before, and all of his senses are matching up, and the one he desired all along is now suddenly available, and his ambition comes with that. I think it’s a character thing as much as anything, perhaps something that’s carnal; his ambition all along, it can never be fully realized, and suddenly he’s given this strange opportunity and it eats him up.


The ticket

This sounds as if it could be the best from Dan in a movie. So hope it has wide distribution in cinemas and not just in US or straight to DVD.

The Ticket

I am always eager to see Dan Stevens in a new film but unfortunately not all are shown at the movie theaters and sometimes are not even available on-line/DVD. Makes me sad, so I agree, I hope this film is distributed at least in N. America to major cities because I'll be there!


Dan seems to have an increasing popularity not just in US and UK. Maybe if admirers keep asking for wider distribution of films those who arrange these things might just take notice and act.At the end of the day it must be better to have an audience than just just working for little return.

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