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How to keep your employees safe

Many employees are returning to the office again after working from home for longer periods of time. As an employer, who is largely responsible for their health and safety in the workplace, you may be wondering how to go about this. Not only is physical safety an issue at the moment, but many people are experiencing high levels of anxiety after spending months indoors. Part of welcoming staff back into the office is to make sure that they feel safe and comfortable. This will increase well-being, make employees feel motivated, valued and of course, contribute to productivity.


If employees lack the knowledge or experience to handle certain kinds of equipment, they will have a hard time being productive. Make sure that their time isn’t wasted on trying to figure out how to use certain tools. Aside from spending more time than necessary on learning how to handle new equipment, they are also at risk of being hurt if an accident happens. Investing in professional tutorials and training can help keep everyone safe. Ensuring that they have the right safety equipment available to them if they need it, is also very important.

Legal steps to be aware of

If an accident does occur, there can be mandatory procedures that need to be followed. “For legal reasons, employers should organise an injury reporting procedure for employees to follow should an accident occur, which should also include an incident log in which you can submit all injuries and keep a record of them”, Bonhill Group plc explains and suggests: “In the incident log, you should have a note of: Work-related deaths; Major injuries; Work-related diseases; Near-miss occasions.”

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Mental health and exercise

Since physical health and wellbeing are connected, some companies offer their employees reduced rates to join fitness studios or even set up a place within the company where they can get some physical exercise. Offering healthy choices for lunch in the cafeteria can also contribute to the physical and even mental health of your employees. An alternative are coupons or prepaid cards for healthy restaurants nearby.

Mental health is an issue that should be taken seriously. Make sure that employees know who they can turn to in case they experience a mental health crisis. If you notice that an employee is experiencing distress, you may want to consult your human resources department or try to offer help in another way. Since this can be a very sensitive situation it is best to plan which steps to take carefully.

There are many resources on how to keep your employees safe in the workplace that you can take advantage of. For example, Healix International offers an e-learning platform that can give you more information.

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